Thanks Arlene for sorting me out

For 3.5 years I've been constantly using false nails with no break inbetween. I've also never looked after my nails in this period which has resulted in the first photo😦My nails are very badly damaged and as you can see, fungal infections have affected a few. I have now been converted by my good pal Arlene Goodwin to try the wraps, while also sitting and spending time looking after them regularly. First attempt tonight so excuse the not so perfect application but what a difference already. Thanks Arlene for sorting me out👍😘

How to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro easily?

I have got experience with 4 different expeditions to Mt. Kilimanjaro summit, which is the highest known point in Africa. It is a daunting task to accomplish and the following are a few tips to help it do with some considerable ease:

  • You should be in the best of your mental condition – Mountaineering is a tough ask and it demands you to be mentally fir before making any attempt. Your mind and body should be ideally coordinated and that will beat all the odds that could deny you of your possible accomplishments.
  • Give Mountain its due respect – Mountain climbing is a challenging job and you must give any particular mountain its due respect for the power which it has. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is not easy and you should give it its due respect by not taking the challenge lightly.
  • Gear up properly – You must have the right gear for the task which requires you to have the proper hiking shoes, wet wipes, ear plugs, warm socks and several other such things. Make sure that you don’t over-gear yourself which could be very tiring and problematic.
  • Sleeping with the batteries inside the tent – Make sure that your mobile phone and the cameras are placed next to you when sleeping. It is because of the reason that they get easily drained out in the cold. 
  • The sugar-free hard candy – At an elevation of 12,000 feet or above as in the case of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the mouth very easily gets dried on the trail. So make sure that you backpack, some sugar-free hard candies which help in keeping the saliva glands of your mouth active.
  • Preparing for the down climb – The down climb can be very dusty and it is advised to bring with you the surgical mask or maybe a bandana to avoid breathing in and eating the dust. The advice from the experts is that climbing down is way harder than climbing up as your knee joints and the quadriceps muscles are thoroughly tested.
  • Drinking Water – You must have at least a couple of 1 liter water bottles for your personal intake on the trail. Water on such expeditions is highly important for keeping you hydrated.
  • Care for your knees – Those who have knee or other related issues, they must make use of the hiking poles while they are on the down climb. This will put far less stress on your knees and the back.
  • Advice for women – The women must plan well ahead of the activity. If they experience any form of discomfort during the expedition then the guide must be informed as soon as possible. The guides usually are supportive and caring with the women.
  • Learn to live well in the outhouse – The worst part of climbing is to manage a lot of your different needs. You need to learn to pee and poop outside in the wooden houses for which you need to be mentally prepared with no excuses at all.

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